Stylish Aprons

Apron "Cookosaur", red


Apron "Cook yeah", red


Each recipe should begin with the phrase: "First, put on your favorite apron..." After all, the taste and quality of dishes depends on what clothes are you wearing and with what thoughts we cook. If you are wearing a beautiful apron and a fashionable wooden spatula in your hand, the eggs will never burn, and the cutlets will have a perfect crust. But if you go into the kitchen in an old stretched sweater... Who knows. It is better not to cook "Napoleon" in it.

Put on a stylish apron - and you're almost a chef

Фартуки -

An original apron made of high-quality material with a print and pockets immediately sets you up for culinary experiments. You want to create, come up with new recipes and write them down in a beautiful notebook.

Besides the ability to inspire, a fashionable apron has the following advantages:

  • it is durable and non-marking - it is difficult to tear, and the stains are not very noticeable;
  • decorated with cool drawings;
  • has a large and roomy pocket for small kitchen items;
  • you can adjust the size of the straps using the buckles;
  • suitable for Instagram food photo shoots.

The Super-Dupers catalog contains several aprons: with and without pockets, with drawings and inscriptions.

All models are sewn of twill. This is a cotton material with a strong weave. They are quite long: they cover the knees, tighten tightly at the waist and prevent stains from appearing on your clean clothes.

Unusual gifts for experienced and novice chefs

If you have a cook, there is nothing to think about - buy him a cool apron. You can add a couple more related accessories to it:

  • cookie mix;
  • a cutting board with an inscription;
  • thermo mug and lunchbox.

For the price and appearance, it turns out very solid.

You can give an apron to your husband or your beloved wife. Unlike household appliances and dishes, which are given without thinking, a creative apron is not associated with hours of longing over a mountain of potatoes or three liters of borsch. This is a thing for mental relaxation.

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