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We doubt that you're keen on reading scientific facts, however, you'd better read this. We'll try to be brief and less boring: total darkness can help you maintain a good and healthy sleep regime. Darkness is important for your body to develop a sleep hormone called melatonin.

Simple as it is, but only for those who have a great possibility to sleep in a peaceful and darkened place. But what can one do while traveling on a train or plane, or live in a student campus, where all people have different sleep regimes?

Sleep mask will solve this problem

Маска для сна

Put this mask on your eyes to hide from light and dive into Morphey's world. Such a cute mask is a good gift for those who travel, for beloved people, parents, and those who love healthy and peaceful sleep.

The inner side of the mask is very soft and gentle to your skin and eyes. It sits on your head perfect - tight enough not to fall down and not to make you feel uncomfortable. The outer side of the mask can be monochrome or bright, embroidered with prints, etc.

Where this sleep mask can be useful

First of all, this accessory provides comfy and fast falling asleep in different conditions:

  • while traveling on a plane, train, or in a car;
  • for a daytime nap;
  • when TV and other devices near you shine bright like a diamond;
  • it helps to focus during yoga;
  • in a room with sheer curtains;
  • when you need complete rest after a long, stressful day.

By the way, earplugs are always a good company for a mask :)

Healthy Super-Dupers sleep

In online shop Super-Dupers, you can find comfy and funny night eyewear made from cotton. It's a great gift for students, sleepless mommies, travelers, and all those who value a good sleep.

Go to catalog and find many cute options - i.g. with cat eyes and ears, with lace, etc.

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