Stylish Boxes and Pots

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Balconies, summer cafes, country terraces, porches and courtyards are places, where you can find flower pots and pot holders. We use them for growing flowers or just a green lawn to the delight of ourselves, guests and passers-by. If you plant something not only as an additional source of pure oxygen, but also for decorating your home, you cannot do it without a special decorative "container".

Wooden boxes and pots for flowers: beautiful and practical


Among the huge selection of different pots, wooden boxes are considered the most environmentally friendly and original in appearance. They smell good (for those who love the smell of fresh wood), and the flowers feel good and comfortable in them.

Unlike cheap plastic and stone containers, wooden ones do not like dampness, so they are lined with a waterproof tape from the inside, and painted with a special moisture-proof compound on the outside. You just have to lay out the drainage, fill it with the ground and put the plant.

The wooden pot looks great in any corner of the apartment and not only:

  • in the kitchen or balcony;
  • outside the window, with violets or luxurious orchids;
  • in a cafe or summer courtyard of the restaurant;
  • flower or wedding salon;
  • office, right at the desktop - will dispel thoughts of vacation;
  • at the entrance to the house, if you live in a private house or in the country.


Remember the American houses with open terraces, where next to the rocking chair there are large and tall wooden pots with some tricky flowers - it really looks cozy and unusual!


Buy flower pots as a gift for... for anyone!

Be sure, wooden pots will be appreciated not only by your grandmother or mother, but also by anyone. Even your boss (if he already has plants in his office), a work colleague and just a person who knows a lot about beauty and style.

In the catalog of our online store "Super-Dupers" there are many different pots and: with an insert, a surface on which you can write with chalk, cascading designs (3 boxes arranged in a cascade) and much more.

A flower pot is a ready-made idea that will help you out on the eve of the holiday. You just have to choose and order delivery to any city around the world.