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Live gifts. What is it and who to give

Choosing a live gift does not always mean giving responsibility, which is not always appropriate. Live gifts on are:

  • long-lasting roses;
  • live cubes.

 Unusual plants



The name of our eternal roses is stabilized FLORICH roses. They, of course, are not eternal (cause nothing is eternal), but there is still something in this. These are real roses that grew on organic fertilizers and were cut early in the morning. But unlike other roses, they go through a stabilization process, due to which their life is extended by at least 6 months (maximum 5 years). The level of price is higher than for ordinary roses, but you know, it's all about romance. For someone this kind of present will be delight, for others - bewilderment.

Our live gifts can be really surprising, these are the gifts that are perfect for “a person who has everything”, you know. Our Super-Dupers online store will take care of everyone :)