Creative Fitness Bottles

Water bottle ZIZ "No problama"


Water bottle ZIZ "Magic water"


Water bottle ZIZ "Cat"


Water bottle with glass


Water bottle  ZIZ "Work hard"


Water bottle  ZIZ "Pineapples"


Water bottle  ZIZ "Heart"


A sports water bottle is a best friend of every self-respecting Healthy Lifestyle person. You can attach it to the bike frame, take it with you to the gym for training, for a morning run, to the beach, to the pool or for a long walk. In addition to pure water, you can pour tonic drinks, energy drinks, fruit cocktails, smoothies, juices into such a sports flask, and just put fresh fruits or vegetables in it.

Variety of water bottles

With the development of the sports industry and the attraction of more people to sports and healthy lifestyles, the variety of beverage containers is growing as well. Thermo mugs and tumblers and bottles have become especially popular. It will keep your beverage in a right temperature and it's super comfortable.

Why bottles your best option:

  • during the summer time it can be hold  chilled drinks, and during winter - hot ones;
  • have a flap valve that allows you to drink even on the go;
  • look very stylish;
  • help to take care of the environment and not pollute the planet.

You can take drinking bottle to the office, college, party or cultural event. In this case, it will play the role of a stylish accessory and perfectly replace cheap plastic, which is harmful to our health and the environment.

Спортивные бутылки для воды

Gift bottles for sports at Super-Dupers

To buy a water bottle as a gift is a very good idea for any person who is thinking about what to give to a friend, an athlete, student, student, cyclist, someone who is engaged in fitness, hardworker or a photographer.

We have bottles of various sizes, from mini-bottles to liter bottles.It sealed, but please keep in mind that if yuo will put it  in a bag or backpack it can still leak (after all, you are not dealing with a powerful thermos). You can order delivery of thermal bottles both in the USA and in any corner of Europe. Super-Dupers bottles are creative and useful gift for everyone!