Creative Mugs

Enamel mug "Heart"


Mug "Memoboard", 2 crayons


Enamel mug «My city»


Thermos "Auto Tires"


Thermal mug lens Nican Zoom 24-70
Thermal mug "Tropics"


Thermal mug "Tea"


Thermal mug "Sweater"


Thermal mug "Roses"


Thermal mug "Raccoon"


A mug is the easiest gift if not consider a pen with a notebook. It is super popular gift if you have to give away something to your  colleagues at work, classmates for some kind of holiday or relatives in case if you was  suddenly invited to a birthday or celebration. And than you go and buy an ugly one because you are in a rush. That's why the same type of boring mugs are laying on the shelves and are never used for their intended purpose.

Well, have you lost the desire to give an ordinary mug? Don’t worry, guys! You just need to give us your ideas  and choose a creative product that can really surprise and delight your loved ones.

Creative mugs as a way to fight a stereotypes

Прикольные кружки

To prevent the mug from getting covered with a thick layer of dust and inattention, you need to choose the right one. You have to remember, there are whole bunch of standard mugs in a flower, polka dots, a square and a circle patterns in each household, so you don't even think about it.  Another thing is unusual products with funny inscriptions or pictures. It looks attractive and gives an idea  that you have spent a lot of time and attention to create it specifically for that person. It is highly appriciated.

A very interesting option is paired mugs. They can be bought as a gift to your beloved ones for Valentine's Day or wedding anniversary. Well and finally drinking tea or coffee from these gorgeous mugs  is much more pleasant than from standard and boring cups.

A unique mug can be presented for New Year or Christmas. For this occasion  there are many interesting products with New Year's festive ornaments, which will amuse and will not let you freeze (especially if you pour tea or coffee in it).

There are even more original gift options like color changing mugs, which change the color of the pattern or picture depending on the temperature of the drink.

Creative mugs from Super-Dupers

In our online store of creative gifts you will find:

  • hand-painted white mugs;
  • color changing mugs;
  • with a winter pictures;
  • paired;
  • with funny cartoon characters.

Gifts delivery is carried out by mail throughout Europe and the USA.