Original Drinking Straws


Reusable beverage straws? Really? Of course, there are also different ones: metal, glass or bamboo. All of them belong to the category of eco-products. That is, harmless to the environment and human health.

Let's be greener!

Of course, you can loudly declare, that "the planet is on the verge of extinction, we are all drowning in plastic, all animals in the ocean will die out soon." But we have no right to strike people for not using plastic bottles, straws or cups. That's why we are going to share with you the following news. The size of the "garbage continent" in the Pacific Ocean is larger than the area of ​​three European countries. This is about 1.5 million km². A million and a half!

Not surprise that recently the numbers of eco-challenges has grown significantly. One of the most ambitious - #StopSucking - is about giving up plastic straws in everyday life. You just need to post a photo or video with a drink without a plastic straw or with reusable one  and tag #stopsucking.

It is difficult to give up all the "plastic" habits (yes, in the very beginning it will be difficult without a plastic bag, we know that foe sure). But minus a plastic straw in coffee every morning  - it's quite simple. And you always need to start from small :)

Everything you need to know about metal straws

The metal straw for drinks is not quite popular on the market yet. That's why we decided to answer the most popular questions about metal straws.

How to clean?

It is best to wash the reusable straws immediately after finishing your drink. If you didn't have time for that right away, then you will have to clean it up with a special brush that comes with it in the kit.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Of course, like other dishes. There are no restrictions.

And it will not get the rust for sure?

No. For all 100 %! The straw is made of stainless steel 18/8. This means the ratio of chromium to nickel. Long story short, such an alloy guarantees that the metal will not react with the drink. Your profit: the straw remains like new, the drink is safe.

And you can drink all drinks including smoothies?

Yes, because the set includes 4 tubes of different sizes: 2 straight ones and 2 curved. Sipping a smoothie is easier from a straight tube. And for those who like to drink "boiling water" there is a small reminder: remember that metal is a good conductor, so be careful with too hot drinks.

Super-Duper straws

To order reusable straws on the website - yes, please, to buy in the showroom - no problems. We are always glad to see new guests at our Super-Dupers. And buyers of eco-products will have an aditional plus into their karma.

And more note: today (and every day!) people will throw over 500 million plastic straws in the trash. And we are enjoying our coffee with our metal straws for the third time in a day. Yaay!