Creative Heatable Stuffed Toys


Think back to yourself as a child. Did you love to get sick? And to be treated? Both are seldom joyful. Especially treatment, which always requires a lot of effort: all these endless medications, doctor's visits («Open your mouth and say – ahhhh»), hugs with a heating pad and so on and so forth.  Therefore, you should not get angry and irritated if the child is capricious and does not want to listen to your instructions, although the temperature does not drop for an hour in a row.  Be cunning and be smart. 

Heatable stuffed toy: small and cozy helper


To help all the parents of the world, smart people came up with a rather simple thing: a heatable stuffed toy. It looks like an ordinary toy (bear, owlet, panda, giraffe), inside of which there is a special filler that keeps warm or cool. Wheat grains and dried lavender buds are used as fillers.

In order for a teddy bear or owl to start giving off pleasant warmth, they need to be put in the microwave for literally 2 minutes. As a result, the toy will warm up, exuding a pleasant lavender aroma for 2 hours. It's much nicer than a water bottle or a heating pad. The child himself will ask for such treatment:

  • baby heatable stuffed toy easily replaces the usual medical heating pad;
  • it is able to soothe a sore tummy or back;
  • helps to fall asleep faster if you put it on your feet;
  • will not let you freeze while walking in the cold season;
  • helps to painlessly survive the difficult pre-heating season;
  • easily fulfills the role of ordinary fun, taking all the attention of the baby;
  • can retain not only heat, but also cold, cooling the injury;
  • the seeds hidden inside develop motor skills of the fingers.

Gifts for adults and children in the Super-Dupers store

You can buy a heatable stuffed toy as a gift for a child or an adult (yes, adults also sleep with pleasure with warm and soft animals) in our Super-Dupers store. All products are absolutely safe, effective and pleasing to the eye. The price may seem high, but sometimes it is much cheaper than many medicines, and besides, it is still two in one.

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