Mechanical 3D puzzles

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Mechanical 3D puzzles are a modern and improved version of the constructor. They can be collected voraciously for several days and, as a result, get a voluminous, perfect model. For example, a truck with all the working stuffing inside! There are a lot of details, they all work and exactly repeat the structure of real large mechanisms. Such puzzles are bought not for children, but for adults - they perfectly train the brain and fine motor skills of the fingers.

What is it - wooden 3D puzzle-constructors?

Механические 3D пазлы

Initially, volumetric puzzles are a set of small pieces of plywood. Parts are laid out on the table and assembled according to the instructions. No glue, paper clips, stapler or anything at all required. All you need is skillful hands, patience, attentiveness and a burning interest in what will turn out in the end.

Following the instructions, you can assemble a model of a truck and a set of different additions to it (tank, trailer, ladder), a platform for a locomotive, an engine, a tram, a combination lock, a timer, a tractor with a trailer, and even a theater where the characters will move and play their roles.

With this tricky constructor, you can:

  • build a mini-model that will function like a real one;
  • to study in detail the device of complex equipment;
  • replenish or start collecting a collection of 3D puzzles;
  • collect a model and give it to your child - for games and development;
  • usefully take free time in the evenings;
  • unite and involve the whole family to the assembly.

To whom should you buy 3D puzzles as a gift?

To anyone, except little kids, who can easily swallow one of the little pieces. Car and motorcycle enthusiasts, lovers of collecting various interesting things, serious people who are engaged in construction, and teenagers will be happy with such a special gift.

In our "Super-Dupers" online store you can buy volumetric constructors separately or pay a slightly higher price and take a whole set (for example, a truck with add-ons).

We deliver orders all over the world - Europe and the USA.

If you are interested and want to learn more about how mechanical 3D puzzles are created and how it all began, read the article about its creator, the Ukrainian startup Ugears.