Fidget Spinner

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Fidget spinner is an original toy for hands, which, from the first acquaintance, causes the only reaction: "What is this !?". And we will tell you what it is: with the help of such a toy, children and adults calm down (this applies even to desperate fidgets), are getting distracted from their daily routine and comprehend Zen. Now such a toy is no less popular than yo-yos were in their time.

What is a fidget spinner?


This unusual thing has a very simple device. It consists of a bearing housing, a plug and external bearings. To set it in motion, you need to hit the side edge of the wing, and the structure will begin to rotate quickly and quickly. It is mesmerizing, relaxing and calming - a great gift for office workers, strict bosses and anyone who is tired of work, study, or the sounds of a neighbor's drill, for example.

No wonder the spinner has become so popular:

  • it trains fingers and hands (important for active PC users);
  • helps to suppress stress and reduce anxiety;
  • stabilizes emotions and helps to quickly switch attention;
  • develops fine motor skills of hands - mega-useful for memory and intelligence;
  • helps to get rid of some bad habits;
  • captivates children for a long time.

And with the help of a spinner, you can learn how to do cool tricks, shoot them on video and upload them to the Internet. Now all YouTube is full of such videos.

Spinners from Super-Dupers for a gift

The Fidget spinner is a perfect gift for anyone: a busy work colleague or boss, an IT-friend or student before a session. If you are going to give it to a child, consider the restriction: at least 8 years old.

In the catalog of our "Super-Dupers" online store of creative gifts you can buy spinners of different colors (red, green, black, etc.) and the crown of the "spinner revolution" - a chameleon. The last one is twice more expensive, but due to the iridescent colors it looks very unusual and bright.

Fidget spinners spin from 1.5 to 5 minutes. They come with a case and a small screwdriver. We will send your order to any city in Europe or the USA.