Hey there, we’re Super Dupers.
We don’t insist
that you call us that way,
but that’s the impression
we’re trying to create.
Super-dupers.com and at first we really considered ourselves a gift shop. But the product range was growing and evolving, we were changing too, and with time we developed a new mission and values (if you’re interested, you’ll find more details on our "About us" page). We understood that we didn’t have enough space with the concept of a gift shop. It’s hard for us to define what type of shop it is exactly. We’re a shop with creative things, or just Super-Dupers :)
Our shop is a cozy island,
where everything is comfy
interesting and polite.
It seems that you can buy cool things only as gifts. But why’s that? We should love ourselves and enjoy simple things around us. Our products make everyday life brighter: home, workplace, journey or even a routine trip to the shop. Our products are special not only because of the design. If some product turns out to be not so good in terms of quality, we throw it to the dogs (code name). We aim all our efforts (product range selection, website design, communication with you and packing) at making you happy with your shopping experience, so that you can share those positive vibes further on (banal? maybe, but we believe in kindness, innocent us).
Roll up